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In 2018, during a memorable golf trip, we encountered a common problem familiar to hat-wearers—sweat. We decided to give adhesive pads a try—the ones meant to combat forehead sweat under a ballcap. Initially, it seemed like a fantastic solution, but as the day went on, we encountered issues. The adhesive pads lost their grip due to the moisture, leaving us with a choice between discomfort and dampness. Worse, the leftover adhesive caused skin irritation.

This experience led us on a journey to find a better way, and thus, the idea for our innovative product was born. We devised a solution that involved a UVA piece tucked discreetly behind the sweatband, holding an absorbent pad in place in front of the band. This design is not only removable but also replaceable with a dry pad, allowing for multiple uses after drying. The final prototype is set to arrive within the next three weeks, and we're excited to embark on this journey.

Already, our first orders are in, and we're rapidly moving forward. As we prepare for the market, our next step involves packaging with QR codes, UBI codes, and a dedicated website—all slated for completion by early next week. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and while we may only have a "coming soon" page for now, we're laying the groundwork for something big. We're gearing up to reach out to potential wholesale partners, with plans to make our product available for wholesale orders as early as late November. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we can't wait to share our innovative solution with the world.

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